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For 12 months, the new curcumin prescription drug CurcumaXan®, with the active ingredient Enoritum, has been stored in climactic chambers at 4°C, 25°C and 40°C in accordance with GMP and ICH Guidelines. The prescription drug CurcumaXan® exhibits very good chemical, physical and microbial stability and meets the 10% criterion for medicinal products. This means that the active ingredient content, particle size distribution and bacterial count deviates less than +/- 10% from the initial values. CurcumaXan® thus satisfies the stability requirements for pharmaceuticals, as defined in the ICH Guidelines (International Conference on Harmonisation).

Apurano – High Tech in Life Sciences
Apurano Pharmaceuticals GmbH develops and produces phytopharmaceuticals using the patented manufacturing process PuranoTec®. PuranoTec® converts poorly water-soluble constituents of plants or fungi using a physical method into a form that can be optimally absorbed by the body. This process does not involve any chemical additives or other solvents. With  PuranoTec®, the entire body of the plant or fungus is converted into a liquid form, which is then sprayed onto the inside of the cheeks and under the tongue using an active spray. Products manufactured using the PuranoTec® method have a special surface finish that facilitates absorption by the body. By applying products to the oral mucosa, all components of the plant or fungus are absorbed by the body directly. Metabolisation by the liver – which is often a problem for naturopathic products – can thus be bypassed, and the active ingredients are transported to their destination. The improved intake of naturopathic products forms the basis of their efficacy.
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